Independence Day Special:Top 10 famous Patriotic Hindi movies of All Time.

Patriotic Movies in Independence Day

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day a hearty welcome to all to see the inspiring patriotic movies in Bollywood era since ancient time.
         Here are the 10 most excellent patriotic films and you can download the movie from the given link also.Let's know about them and download them.



 A lawyer, Mohandas Gandhi, returns to British India from South Africa. He begins a nationwide campaign of non-violent resistance against British rule. The campaign pressures Britain to liberate India.
Director: Richard Attenborough
Release On:1982
Read here:Gandhi movie
Download here:Gandhi-1982-full-movie-download-free-720p

(2)Lagaan:Once upon a time in India

Bhuvan, a farmer from Champaner, accepts the challenge of Captain Andrew Russell to beat the British at a game of cricket and refrain from paying tax for the next three years.
Director:Ashutosh Gowariker
Release On:15 June 2001
Read Here:Lagaan movie
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A band of 120 soldiers defend their post all night until they receive assistance from the Indian Air Force the next morning.
Director:J. P. Dutta
Relaese ON:15 June 1997
Read Here:Border Movie
Download Here:Border-1997-hd-movie-free-download-720p


Sanga, a devout employee of Raja Laxman Singh, is falsely accused of killing him. He escapes prison and forms a group of revolutionaries with the sole aim of driving the British out of India.
Director:Manoj Kumar
Release on:3 Feb 1981
Read here:Kranti Movie
Download here:Kranti movie

(5) Mother India
Radha, a poor but righteous woman, struggles to raise her kids while going up against Sukhilala, a greedy moneylender. Despite the many hurdles she faces, she refuses to sacrifice her integrity.
Director:Mehboob Khan
Release on:14 Feb 1957
Read here:Mother India Film
Download Here:Mother India movie

Brigadier Suryadev Singh and Police Inspector Shivajirao Waghle are appointed to bring down Pralayanth, an evil man who murdered officer Rudrapratap Chauhan and plans to evade India.
Director:Mehul Kumar
Release on:29 January 1993
Read here:Tirangaa
Download Here:Download

(7)Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan sathiyo
Kunal joins the army unwillingly to maintain the family tradition. Soon, he finds himself pitted against the ruthless terrorists who try to destroy the harmony and peace between India and Pakistan.
Director:Anil Sharma
Release On:24 December 2004
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(8)Mangal Pandey: The Rising
Mangal Pandey, a sepoy of Indian origin, fights against British rule and saves the life of his British commanding officer, leading to a strong friendship between the two.
Director:Ketan Mehta
Release on:12 August 2005
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(9)The Legend of Bhagat Singh
Born in British India, Bhagat Singh witnesses numerous atrocities during his childhood. He then grows up to become one of the most fearless freedom fighters in India.
Director:Rajkumar Santoshi
Release on:7 June 2007
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(10)Tango Charlie
War breaks out between India and Pakistan and riots ravage North India. Tarun and his battalion are asked to go to Kargil, where he faces a challenge that will decide his fate.
Director:Mani Shankar
Release on:25 march 2005
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