Bhuvan Bam Ki Vines(The Hutiyapa Guy):One Man,Many Lives.

If you don't know who is Bhuvan Bam,then it's Okay but if you don't know about BB Ki Vines then it's not Okay.That means you are not a YouTube guy.Then take a glimpse of "Who is Bhuvan Bam?"And "what is BB ki Vines?"

Bhuvan Bam Ki Vines

Everyone knows the popular Bhuvan Bam belongs from New Delhi, India and the owner/performer at BB Ki Vines. He makes funny videos on the internet and spread smiles all over the world.He has been quite an entertainer since his school days. He thought of Vine making a year ago when he randomly created a video, and people appreciated it. He was not a comedian. His profession and passion were Music. His earnings through his live performances and original songs. His parents were a bit skeptical about his creating funny videos, but as long as they see his happy doing that, they’re okay with it.He got WebTV Asia award and have been entitled with One Man Army this is true indeed. BB Ki Vines dialogues has been so famous that hey have been tremendous usage of these dialogues by today’s teen. After all who doesn’t love BB?
One Man Army

 One Man,Many Lives:

Bhuvan Bam is entitled with the one man army because of his multiple charecters that he is playing in his BB Ki Vines.No,he is not Ravi Teja in the Movie Amar Akbar Anthony type,rather a complete package of his own unique creations.There are many of him,the List is as follows-

(1)Bhuvan Bam(The Hutiyapa Guy):
He is a simple boy who has his family including his father and mother.He has also got a girlfriend.he is not good at his studies.He is not an  ambitious person.He is always surrounded by his Friends.
Bhuvan Bam

Check out his Video:She is A Slut

(2)Banchod Das
The friend of Bhuvan Bam.He has a weird habit of saying"Bancho"in the end of every sentence.He also got a cousin named Sameer Fuddi.He is the best friend of Bhuvan.He is very rich.
Banchod Das

Check out his Video: Valentine's Week Hutiyapa

The actual name is Mr.Babli,the father of Bhuvan Bam.He is very innocent in nature.He doesn't know about the modern world that much.He is not familiar with the word like,"Horny","Naughty America","Pokรฉmon Go"..etc..

Check out his Video:Sorry Dad

She is the mother of Bhuvan and very suspicious to Bhuvan's Father.She has a strange style of crying.She plays gambling very well.

Check out his Video:Pati,Patni Aur Woh

(5)Sameer Fuddi
He is the cousin Of Banchod Das(Bancho).I think he is the most popular charecter that Bhuvan has created.Sameer Fuddi is a little bit of stammer.
Sameer Fuddi

Check out his Video:Fameer Fuddi

He is the colleague of Bhuvan's Father Mr.Babli.He was named hola because he was born on the day of 'Holi'.He first appears at Bhuvan's home holding his laptop full of BP.

Check out his Video:Faisla
The Series Of Mr.Hola:Mr.Hola:The Menace

She is the wife of Mr.Verma,a friend of Bhuvan's Father.She has a crush on Bhuvan's father,wheneve Mr.Babli talks to her Bhuvan's mother thinks that she had an affair with his husband.

Check out his Video:

He is the milkman and Mr.Babli introduced him to Bhuvan by telling that he had hold him when Bhuvan was only 3 months old.
Doodh Wala

Check out his Video:Doodh Wala

(9)News Reporter
This charecter is just a joke of modern news reporters.

Check out his Video:Leo Ka Askar

(10)Angry Masterji
He is the teacher of Bhuvan and Banchod Das.He always wanted to get rid of these children.But he Can't.He is irritated due to behaviour of Bhuvan and Bancho.

Check out his Video: Masterji:Angry Masterji Series

Download Here 

He is a general doctor who always gets strange patients.

Check out his Video:Dr.Seghal Full Series (1-3)

(12)The Salesman
He is the general salesman who was a strange habit of saying English after telling Hindi of each word.

Check out his Video:The Salesman

(13)Happy Naukar
He is a Servant who is never happy but his name is happy.

Check out his Video:Happy Naukar

(14)Kanta Ben
She is the maid of Bhuvan's family.Unfortunately she left her job.Bhuvan Family missed her very much.When she came she has a huge demands for returning.
Kaanta Ben

Check out his Video:Kaanta Ben

(15)Papa Maakichu
He is the father of Banchod Das who has just returned from Dubai.He has a business in Dubai.He is wealthy.This is one of the best charecter also.

Check out his Video:Papa Maakichu

(16)Titu Mama
He is the maternal uncle of Bhuvan.He is always there for Bhuvan in his needs.He is doing a job of "Vasooli".One of the most Interesting and Brilliant charecter in Vines.

Check out his Video:Titu Mama
Titu Mama Full Series:Click Here

Now a special "Titu Talks"show is trending in YouTube with SRK in first episode.

The Video is Here..Take a Glimpse:

Apart from all One Man Army,his passion for Music and singing makes him one of the biggest entertainer in YouTube.
The Blockbuster
 Here is a list of his singing songs ability and his creations are

  • Raghuzar
  • Safar
  • Sang Ham tere 
  • Teri Mari Kahani.

Click Here-Bhuvan Bam Original Music

Non Offensive Dialogues:

  1. Oh Yeah-Am Loving It
  2. Bhai Ki Izzat Dubadi Bancho
  3. Namaste Beta Namaste
  4. Hadh Ho Gayi Bancho
  5. Kuch Lenge Aap
  6. Ghumne Jayenge Peru
  7. Definition Of Perpendicular
  8. Chutihappa
  9. Maakichu
  10. Dildo Pagal Hai Dil Deewana Hai
  11. Hola Bahar Se Bhola
  12. My Grandfather Loved *****
Check The Video Then:BB ki Vines Top Dialogues

BB ki Vines(Channel)✓
The First Indian to cross 10M subscribers in India.Here are some Snapshots:
On Dated:19/12/18
                      On Dated:19/12/18

Plus Minus Short Film:

The Short Film

The story of Plus Minus is about two strangers, who meet each other on a train journey and one conversation between them changes their lives. The title Plus Minus reflects the central idea that humans have to do plus and minus in relationships to make it work.

Watch The Video:Click Here

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