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TAGLINE-ANYTHING YOU WANT,                                  EVERYTHING I DO.
What the Tagline Of Blog,is equivalent to Blog's capability and capacity of mine also.Here is my blog where, you can find each thing is Ordinary but lies some Extra-Ordinary within the blog.

The world is not new to the Blogging and from beginning, this Blogging has created the beginning of ;where you are now.

So my blog primarily prefers to the world and it's Each direction's NEWS(North-East-West-South).That means Trending Topics,News, Sports,Life and Reality(About feelings and Emotions), Technology.Best part of this blog and it's admin is that they will never disappoint you. 

                           About Me

I am Mahitosh Gopal and so coming to me i am not going to introduce the world as,"Who am i?",but "What can i do."
Myself a Poet, Writer, Blogger,Web Developer, YouTuber and a Leader with complete package of emotions and feelings and again most important typically a lovable person.
                The website All Rounder MQG is all about the latest news, gossips,sports and everything.Here I am going to boost you all with my all rounder capabilities that I think I have.
            Then you all have one big question in your mind,what is MQG?
I will tell u later about it....
I am from Sasapasi,Kankadahad,Dhenkanal,Odisha..
Quote of the Blog..
Please Come,Learn & Teach...

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