What do you want? Everything.I want everything and i will take whatever i get.
                                        -Ernest Hemingway

Like the quote of this great writer and poet, i do have that ability and capability of sharing my ideas, experiences(Of course Not that much Experienced) innovations etc.everything i know.Human needs are unlimited and so also human ideas.In this competitive materialistic world, technology has evolved as a revolution since ages and evolving
Anything you want, Everything I do

Anything You Want

The need or want in today's world is pursuing only for Happiness,Pleasure.
So different persons have different pursuit of opinions for technological innovation and evolution.The Blog All Rounder MQG is as like as the Tagline.
In context to the world competitiveness in searching to know more and more ,then you are at the right place.

Everything I Do

Shhhhh!!What am i telling?The phrase conveys the meaning of God's thing.
No as i am a student the ability of mine
has no deeper value in context to the workshop but everything i know i will share to you.


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